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* To help you get started, the following is a worksheet for the information you’ll need to collect for entering CDA Products and Services. Fill in the worksheet and provide the completed document to your Vendor Admin. The information contained within the worksheet will be keyed into the CDA Products and Services website by your Vendor Admin.

*Use the icons at the right to print the Worksheet or download it to a Microsoft Word document.

ItemExamples or ChoicesWork Sheet for Your Answers
Product Name  
Geo LocationExamples:
Regional (for example AP, Europe, LA, NA)
Indicate a specific country
Product StatusSelect one of the following:
- Pre-Released
- Released
Product URLProduct specific URL, if applicable 
CDA Application/Role
(check all that apply)
Select the following type(s) of CDA related functionality:
- Authoring
- Enrichment
- Distribution
- Management
(see definitions below)
Showcase Example
(Where the product has been demonstrated in a public forum, such as a Country/Regional project (NHIN/RHIO) or at one of the IHE Connectathons held around the world, if applicable):
Select one of the following:
- National/Regional Project
- IHE Connectathon
- N/A
- Other (Please Specify)
Clinical Business FocusSelect one of the following:
- Medical Summary
- Lab
- Claims
- Radiology
- Public Health
- Public Health Lab Report
- Any CDA Document
- Other (Please Specify)
Implementation GuideSelect one of the following:
- IHE CDA Impl. Guide
- HL7 CDA Impl. Guide
- None/Locally Developed
- National/Country Impl. Guide
- Other (Please Specify)
Language Of CDA DocumentSelect one of the following:
- Mult-language
- Chinese
- Dutch
- English
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Spanish
- Other (please specify)

Product Field Definitions - CDA Application/Role (Type of CDA related functionality)
AuthoringAn application that (a) is used by human authors to assemble/create CDA documents, (b) creates CDA documents by means of (semi-)automated transformation from another format.
DistributionAn application which manages the distribution of documents and document metadata.
EMPIEnterprise Master Patient Index. An application which supports the use of unique identifiers for persons/patients.
EnrichmentAn application that supports the authoring process by adding coded entries or terminologies to textual documents.
ManagementAn application which manages the archival and maintenance of document metadata and documents. This includes document repositories and document registries.

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