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* To help you get started, the following is a worksheet for the information you’ll need to collect for entering CDA Products and Services. Fill in the worksheet and provide the completed document to your Vendor Admin. The information contained within the worksheet will be keyed into the CDA Products and Services website by your Vendor Admin.

*Use the icons at the right to print the Worksheet or download it to a Microsoft Word document.

ItemExamples or ChoicesWork Sheet for Your Answers
Geo LocationExamples:
Regional (for example AP, Europe, LA, NA)
Indicate a specific country
CDA Services
(check all that apply)
- CDA Modeling
- Planning for CDA
- CDA Coding/Terminology
- Consulting CDA Create Implementation and Conformance Guides
- Consulting Interface Specification
- Consulting CDA Architecture & Modeling
- Education/Training Over Web
- Education/Training On Site
- Other (Please Specify)

(see definitions below)
Service Provider LanguageSelect one of the following:
- Mult-language
- Chinese
- Dutch
- English
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Spanish
- Other (please specify)
Service URLService specific URL, if applicable 

CDA Service Field Definitions
CDA Modeling 
Planning For CDAThe provision of project management services around the introduction and use of CDA documents in an organization.
CDA Coding and TerminologyThe provision of consulting related to the use of, and enrichment of text by, codes. This also includes the translation of codes and the use of codes versus coded entries.
Consulting CDA Create Implementation And Conformance GuideThe provision of consulting related to the creation of context/project specific constraints (documented in an implementation guide) on the generic CDA model.
Consulting Interface SpecificationThe provision of consulting related to (a) the application message interfaces used to exchange documents and document metadata, or (b) the application message interfaces used to provide part or all of the data that forms the basis for the content of CDA documents.
Consulting CDA Architecture And ModelingThe provision of consulting related to the generic CDA model, and the use and exchange of CDA documents.
Education/Training Via WebThe provision of training whereby the trainees participate in the training remotely at their place of work. This includes eLearning, videos and presentations, and the use of other interactive teaching tools.
Education/Training On-SiteThe provision of training, either in the form of scheduled/open training, or in the form of on-site training. The trainer and the trainees are physically in the same room.

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